Tetley specializes in developing and manufacturing
of metal and plastic parts and Micro pumps.
We are dedicated and innovative to meet different challenges
in manufacturing of your products and needs.


We manufacture Precision Springs, Metal Parts and Stampings, Plastic Moldings, Solenoid Pumps & Valves and DC Motors Air Pumps. We are investing and venturing into the technology of the smallest possible nano products.
We are constantly doing research and development of advance technique and technology with state-of-the-art machineries to keep us one step ahead in providing services to our customers.
We provide OEM and ODM for a while range of metal and plastic components and parts. The industries that we are serving including consumer products, digital technology to advanced automobiless and more.

Tetley Technology‘s reputation in our business, recognized our commitment in staying ahead of the industries ever changing technologies and innovations. We are serious on our tooling process, utilizing on-site tooling for engineering, forming, conventional/ noncoventional machining, heat treating, etc to gain ensure efficiency, accuracy and precision.

Our Company

Tetley Technology (HK) Limited is a specialist in micro pumps, valves and precision components, plastic parts development and sales. Tetley Technology is comprising of 2 companies, namely Tetley Springs & Metal Co., Ltd. and Tai Mao Metal & Plastics Co., Ltd. They are located in the key manufacturing cities of Dongguan, Guangdong, South China.
Tetley Springs & Metal Co., Ltd. is a precision springs manufacturer equipped with the most advanced CNC Springs Formers and technical experts with more than 20 years experience supervising the manufacturing procedures so to maintain the best quality and earliest delivery to meet clients‘ requests. A team of engineers provides the most sophisticated springs designs to clients in order to achieve the highest cost effectiveness.
Tai Mao Metal & Plastics Co., Ltd. has established its own core technologies with production lines of precision metal parts, precision plastic injection, mold making and a Clean Room for assembly and can also do OEM/ ODM. Tai Mao specializes in developing and manufacturing of precision micro pumps, plastic valves and metal parts. All products have UL/ TUV accreditation and also meet FDA food contact and RoHS/ PAHS/ REACH requirements. Tai Mao also focuses on being an NSF approved supply system.
Tetley Technology has a Sales Office in Canada responsible for sales in the US and Europe. With the support of this Sale Office, Tetley Technology has established a sales network in the US, Europe, Japan and Korea.

Tetley Technology (HK) Limited
Tetley Springs & Metal co.Ltd
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Dongguan Tai Mao Metal & Plastics co., Ltd.
2 Yinhe Road, Qiao Tou Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China
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